The Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa is a UNESCO World Heritage Monument erected in the middle of the 13th Century by the Eastern Ganga King Narasimadeva in the form of a Chariot of the Sun God. 

The beauty of the temple lies in its exquisitely carved wheeels of the chariot that have sculptures engraved all along its spokes and circumferance- containing amotous figures of women in different postures along with the divine Lord Krishna in the centre charmign them with the tune of his flute.  
The Wheel of the Konark Sun Temple Chariot
Lord Krishna in the centre with his flute
Rasika tying her hair
Raskia looking into the mirror
Rasika combing her hair
Rasika in her relaxing pose
Rasika playing cymballs
Rasika in Shringar ras (beautifying herself)
Rasika playing music
Rasika braiding her hair
Raskia in amorous relaxation
Images Published in The Poetic Saree - Dance Poems from India by Jaya Mehta

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