66th Indian National Film Awards Best Audiography Non-Feature 2019
Oregon Independent Film Fest, Oregan, USA Best Experimental Short 2019
American Documentary Film Festival (AMDocs) California World Premiere 2019
INTERFILM Berlin International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany European Premiere 2019
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Cannes, France
Best Corporate Image Film  2016
Best Corporate Image Film  2015
Accolades Global Film Competition, La Jolla, CA, USA
Award Of Excellence 2018
Award Of Excellence Direction 2018
Award Of Excellence Actress 2018
Award Of Excellence 2017
Award Of Excellence Direction 2017
Award Of Excellence 2016
Award Of Excellence 2015

The International Business Awards ( The Stevies), USA
Gold Stevie Awards 2017
Gold Stevie Awards2016
Gold Stevie Awards 2015
The Telly Awards, New York, USA
Gold Telly Direction 2018
Bronze Telly 2018
Bronze Telly2017
Bronze Telly 2016
Silver Telly 2015
Muse Creative Awards, New York, USA
Platinum Award 2018
Platinum Award 2017
Gold Award 2016
Platinum Award 2015
The Communicator Awards, New York, USA
Gold Award Of Excellence 2018
Gold Award Of Excellence 2017
Gold Award Of Excellence 2016
Gold Award Of Excellence 2015
Hermes Creative Awards, New York, USA
Platinum Award 2017
Platinum Award 2016
Platinum Award 2016
Summit International Awards, New York, USA
Silver Summit Creative Award 2017
Gold Summit Creative Award 2016
Bronze Summit Creative Award 2015
Marcom Awards, New York, USA
Platinum Award 2016
Gold Award 2015
The Viddy Awards, Pittsburg, Dallas, TX, USA
Award Of Excellence 2016
Award Of Excellence 2015
Ava Digital Awards, Pittsburg, Dallas, TX, USA
Gold Award 2016
Platinum Award 2015
Aurora Awards, New York, USA
Platinum Award 2015
Platinum Award 2015
Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Best Indian Narrative Short (2011)
Indian Documentary Producers’ Association (IDPA) Awards
Best Product Film 2017
Best Brand Image Film 2017
Best CSR Film2015
Best Brand Image Film 2015
Best Brand Image Film 2013
Best Brand Integration Film 2011
Best Script For Short Fiction 2011
Association Of Business Communicators Of India (ABCI) Awards
Best Corporate Image Film 2013
Best Brand Integration Film 2011
Winner Of International Photography Professional Awards 2020
Winner Of Prix De La Photographie, Paris Awards 2017
Video Art Exhibitions
Videobardo Archive And Video Festival 2021
Experiments In Cinema 2021
Split Videoart Festival 2021
Artists For Peace
Berlin Commercial
Official Film Festival Nominations
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2019
Indian Film Festival Stutgart 2019
Mumbai International Film Festival 2020
Huánuco Peru National Film Festival 2019
Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2018
London Fashion Film Festival 2018
London Fashion Film Festival 2018
Bokeh South Africa International Lifestyle & Fashion Film Festival 2018
Canadian International Fashion Film Festival 2018
London Fashion Film Festival 2017
Merceder-Benz Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival 2017
Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2017
Miami Fashion Film Festival 2017
Fashion Film Festival Chicago 2017
23rd New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival, Newfest 2011
16th Cheries-Chéris, Festival Du Film Lesblen, Gay, Bl, Trans, Queer Et ++++ De Paris, Paris 2010
Iris Prize Film Festival, Cardiff, UK 2011
Engendered I View Film Festival New York 2010
22nd Hong Kong Lesbian And Gay Film Festival, Hong Kong 2011
9th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai 2010
Yes India Film Festival, New Zealand 2010
4th Nigah Queer Fest, New Delhi 2010
6th Vibgyor International Film Festival, Thissur 2011
Fort Myers International Film Festival, Florida 2011
13th Q Cinema, Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival 2011
Queer Caribbean Film Festival, New York 2011
Florence Queer Film Festival 2011
Aslan Hot Shots, Berlin 2011
10th Q! Film Festival, Indonesia 2011
Cinemarosa Film Screening, New York 2011
16th Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2011
7th Seattle South Asia Film Festival, USA 2011
50th Indian Documentary Producer's Association Awards (IDPA) 2012
Aslan Queer Film Festival, Japan
Gay Film Nights Film Festival, Romania 2011
Signs, Kerala 2012
Bangalore Queer Film Fest 2012 
Pink Apple Film Festival, Switzerland 2012
Rio Gay Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2012
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