About Us
Ranadeep & Judhajit are  director-duo based in Mumbai, India who have been making clutter-breaking ad films, short films and brand identity films under their production house Yaanus Films along with winning international acclaims.
They are the first ever Indian filmmakers to win the coveted Cannes Dolphin consecutively in 2015 and 2016 and the International Business Awards three years in a row.

'Films are our raison d'être. We think, live, breathe and thrive upon films.
What challenges us into making clutter breaking films is the beauty of amalgamation of all art forms that can be used to communicate a story exploring the world of visuals. Whenever we take up a project, we literally put a part of ourselves into it . For us every project is a new leap into the ocean of creativity, delving deep into the content of the film, exploring its thematic and visual possibilities with respect to its scope. A film that is emotionally engaging, entertaining and visually powerful. '

- Ranadeep & Judhajit
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